Glory Vast Trading Limited

Glory Vast Trading Limited Review – SCAM /Carpricorn International – SCAM /Anup Export India – SCAM /ALL owned by same liar scam artist. | Ram Banerjee – LIAR | Indian company scammed me. Liars. Took my money and did not provide any service. Showed me many fake documents, shipping documents to prove that merchandise was available. When I paid $20,000 deposit for chicken parts from Brazil they stopped answering my calls. Scam LIARS They tried to make me pay $60,000 more. SCAMMERS LIARS THIEVES | Website cheap and was built in April, only registered for one year. Real company would pay for website registration for more than one year. | Lied about having office in Hong Kong, it is Virtual Office only to fool people. | Here is fake office information Virtual office HK

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