Glow Eternal

Glow Eternal Review

GlowEternal claims that my wife signed up on 10 Sept 2017 for a “pay shipping only” trial because the company advertised that they won awards on Shark Tank, only to find that the company (a PO box only) retroactively charged $89.90 + $4.90 + $5.90 + $94.90 multiplied by 3 months! My wife is an attorney and in any event pre-emptively cancelled her subscription in a timely fashion via US Mail with a certificate of mailing, and then followed up by email with the certificate of mailing in attachment to have a trace in writing. Company continued to charge more than $180 for months! | We had to change our bank account numbers because this SCAM BY GLOWETERNAL continued to make false charges to our account and never rectified the situation, instead claiming that they refunded “the most recent month” of charges. BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT SIGN UP TO BE SCAMED AND ONLY BUY PRODUCTS THAT ARE DOCTOR RECOMMENDED AND IN STORES.

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