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GM Truck Center Review

Henrik Hairapetian of GM Truck Center in Burbank, CA, also known as World Famous 4×4 sold us a truck which he called “perfect” — said it has new brakes, new shocks, new “everything”, no leaks, etc. Said if ANYTHING was not right, take it back to him and he’d take care of it. We also paid over 2k in addition to the cost of the truck to Henrik UP FRONT for nicer tires, suspension lift and a few other things we agreed on with him. | After taking thetruck to a mechanic because it was making a very loud clank sound & not feeling safe, everything Henrik has told us has been a FLAT OUT LIE,. The brakes were 100 % worn out & dangerous to drive on, shocks are worn & leaking, radiator is leaking, the new steering box henrik claimed to put in is old and leaking, there is no suspension lift installed which wepaid for!. And the list goes on?. HENRIK LIED TO US ABOUT EVERYTHING and the integrity of his work is appalling’. | He had the truck for over five weeks and would always tell us he’s “waiting for a part” — NO — no parts ever came in!. He STOLE our money and tried to get away with it?. We will be suing him and his businessfor automotive fraud;. Henrik claims to have big clients with lots of money – well, please — BEWARE — he steals moneyand his work is fraudulent/. HENRIK HAIRAPETIAN IS DISHONEST!!! BEWARE!!!

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