Good Moving, LLC.

Good Moving, LLC. Review

Far and away the WORST moving company around. They are the scam artists we all hear about. To make matters worse in our case they pretended to be Two men and a Truck when we called in (it’s who we thought we were calling) when they showed up we should have known. The “movers” had us sign a piece of paper so that they could start loading and right away told us that all of our stuff would not fit. The workers were yelling at each other the entire time cussing and acting very un-professional. Two 26ft trucks could not fit us? then once they finished (we still have to rent another truck to get the rest of our belongings) is when they hit us with the scam – the cost would be double (the quote in writing was a $1500 flat rate plus $49 per hour for anything over 12 hours) one truck took off and the other one told us the charge would be $3600!!!! If we didn’t pay they would put our stuff in storage until we had the money. Not only is this a scam it is a crime, theft by deceit. Well we didn’t have the money, they would not take a credit card as promised and the 2nd truck left. We were horrified, what could we do? In the end we borrowed the money and payed these thieves so we could get our stuff back now we may not be able to pay our rent for our new house and have to pay an extra month rent at our old house (250 miles away) since we still have stuff there to get out. These horrible people have nearly ruined our life over greed. We have reached out several times to try and speak to someone but they do not respond. This is just the beginning as one of the other reviews said they will make it a mission to get the word out about these rip off movers. If they have the decency to call us back I will update this review if not we will take to every avenue available to put pressure on them and let everyone around know what pure evil these people are they ruin people’s lives and could not care less. Be careful when calling because on Google one of the numbers for Two Men and a Truck rings to these scumbags.

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