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I have been a member of GoodSam’s Roadside assistance program off and on since 1998. During that entire time I only had to use their services one time. That was in 2003. Our motorhome was undrivable and they dispatched a flatbed truck, put the motorhome on the flatbed and transported it to the repair facility. I was thrilled when it did not cost me a dime. | Now fast forward to 2015. We were on a trip and in the middle of Arizona coming home. When I was inspecting the rig before we hit the road, I discovered a very large bubble in the sidewall of the steer tire on the drivers side. Because of my previous great exprience with the service, I called to have a tech dispatched to bring and install a new tire. | When I was talking to the woman on the phone, she informed me of the price of the tire that I would have to purchase and I asked if I could simply have a used tire installed to get me home. My intention was to replace all 6 tires on the rig, so I did not want to have mis-matched tires. She told me that they could not do that, but that I could contact the service provider directly and then put in for reimbursement of the service call and mileage. | The service company informed me that they would not put on a used tire either. I asked what they had available as the least expensive new tire, so that I could get the rig home and then replace all 6 tires. They gave me a priice. I then called Good Sam Roadside Assistance again and stated that I found a tire that was less expensive than the original one that they quoted me. I was informed that they could not match that price and that I could pay the entire amount and they would reimburse the service call and mileage. I reluctantly agreed. | I called back the same service center and they did dispatch a tech who did a great job replacing the tire. When I got home, I contacted Good Sam for their reimbursement procedures and was emailed a form. I sent in the form with copies of the reciept for the tire and the service call. On the receipt, the road service, mileage charge and fuel surecharge was $254.80. I received a reimbursement for $127.40, or an additional $127.40 out of my pocket, in addition to the $327 I paid for the tire. | I called and had several conversations with the Good Sam Roadside people. The first couple of calls were less than pleasant. I was informed that if I had read my agreement in detail, I would understand their rationale for the reimbursement. I stated that the invoice I paid did not state that some amount was due to labor and some amount was for the service call. It was all listed as service call. I escalated the matter to a supervisor and he was very nice, but he was not able to help resolve this. | The supervisor specifically told me that the person I talked to had not been clear in what would or would not be reimbursed and that she would receive additional training. I said, so your employee made a mistake and I am the one to pay for it? I was told yes!. I said, as a business owner, when one of my employees makes a mistake that costs one of my customers, the company absorbs that cost, not the customer. He said he was sorry, but that was their policy. | I informed Good Sam Roadside Assistance during the courese of the several calls, that the rig was driveable, but for safety reasons I elected to have the tire replaced. If I had been informed that I would be forced to pay for a service call in addition to a higher priced tire, I would have limped the final 40 miles to a major town and had it replaced there. As I always had the option to call for service if the tire failed enroute. In other words, I expended additional money, expecting a reimbursement and despite the rep admitting that the person I talked to on the phone was not clear, am stuck with the bill. | Now, the amount is not a lot, but the principal and the attitude says a TON. I could have easily saved the service call amount, gotten a tire cheaper and not had the hassle of dealing with a group of people that are more interested in not paying a claim, then they are in providing good customer service. | I am terribly disappointed in the treatment I received when it could have been avoided by 1. clear communication from the dispatch person 2. owning up to the mistake and reimbursing me for their mistake.

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  1. Elois Danny
    June 16, 2020

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