Good Shepherd Center

Good Shepherd Center Review

Elvia Valdes is the Associate Director at the Catholic Charties, Good Shepherd campuses located at 267 N. Belmont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90026 and 1650 Rockwood in Los Angeles. Elvia Valdes isn’t qualified for this position because she doesn’t have even an associates degree. | She came to Good Shephered Cener from Ralph’s grocery story working as a cashier. Elvia Valdes discriminates against Black women who come to the center by putting them in the brand new building, Hawkes House, and they are given at least 90 days in a crisis bed. Elvia tells the women to leave after being there only two weeks. | The women didn’t get to use their grant. This is fraud against the U.S. Housing Dept. where the grants come from. Elvia Valdes and other staff members have been videotaped stealing gift cards, motel vouchers, clothing and other brand new items that have been donated to the Catholic Charities for the benefit of the clients. | Denise Crawford is the Director at the Languille House which is located at 267 Belmont Ave. and she steals cash, gift cards, clothing and anything donated that she feels fit to steal. When women ask for clothing out of the upstairs closet, Denise always has an excuse as to why she can’t accommodate them. | I am exposing these women in this organization and ask that this matter be investigated outside of Catholic Charities and these women fired and maybe imprisoned.

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