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Found a great deal on a Canon T6i for a great price $519. I called and asked if it came with the battery and charger, (I’ve fell victim to this scam years ago), I was told no battery or charger. I ordered a battery and charger from another company and then placed my order for the camera. | Sure enough, I was called a few days later and told that the camera did not come with a battery or charger. So I told him I already ahve them. | He then asked if I wanted the U.S. Version or the Chinese Model. I told him U.S. model. He then responded saying that would be a cost of $600 and something. I told him that is not what is advertised. It does not say that it is an import. He said that of corse it is our company is based in London. | Their website has a California address! | The import model of this camera is a 750D not a T6i. The picture and description is all about the T6i. | Do NOT order from this scammer! They need to be shut down and all like them.

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