Grand Centennial Apartments

Grand Centennial Apartments Review

Firstly,,Sonny the manager for Grand Centennial Apartments, insisted on obtaining private medical records to release us from monthly pet rent, and even though she was furnished the copies of the service dog licence, insisted on getting the private HIIPA medical records that detailed why I was issued the license for the service dog. Then she refused to refund the charges, said she sent the letter and records to their law firm in New York, and they refused to accept or refund the money. And broke HIPPA laws in the process. | Then, some three months before our lease was ending, we were asked if we wanted to renew the lease, by phone and email. I first, then my wife from work, both said no by phone and email, and stated we were not considering it as we were not being refunded the wrong pet charges that by their own policy where denied. | We told the office we were leaving by June 7th, the end of the lease, paid our last month, cleaned, and turned in our keys. Then we were surprised when the manager Sonny said we owed two months notice after our paid non renewed lease. She said she would report us to collections if it wasn’t paid, and lied and said rental law required it. | We also found from friends she rented the apartment two weeks after we moved out, but had stated we would not be charged our deposit or any other charges as long as the apartment was rentable and rented by end of last month, so she lied about that as well. Sentinel Corp. has been complecent and silent as other wrong charges and fees were charged to residents, including mail concierge service fees that ended with failure and residents having to go to the Post office to pick up their mail. | And other fraudelent late fees when their online rent oay website failed to process some two hundred residents on time rent payments. THEY ARE CROOKS, BEWARE!! Everyone we knew there wanted to leave, but like the Hotel California song, you can checkout any time you like, but you can’t ever leave!! | They have ripped us off nearly a thousand, and are trying to rip thousands more by turning us over to a seedy collection agency, can’t find a tenants rights!! |

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