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Extraordinary Harmful experience with the Gravity Cool company associates as well as with merchandise they are offering!!! The mattress is very hard and causing pain in a back, neck and shoulder areas. The return policy was discussed during presentation and was noted as “90 day to try”. | Also is there are reasons to return, do NOT send it back to italy, send it back to Florida –the company address is stated on a advertising flyer –invitation to free lunch. Also website posts “you can bring it back” with exception in some cases for the shipment back the consumer may loose part or whole shipment charged back. | I notified company as soon as painful experience occurred with this merchandise, explained details upon request of Gravity Cool associate Caroll Cedeno via phone and via e-mail. They refused to take it back, NOT understanding that the purpose of the mattress is to sleep on it, and NOT to draw money from my account. | The entire merchandise was shipped back to Florida right away at my own expense, covering cost of packing back mattress to original condition and shipping via FEDEX for my money. There are true amount of Chicago entities (American Mattress, police, Costco, postal office, FEDEX, etc) who were witnessing my experience of packing and delivering this merchandise back. | As a result, all merchandise was delivered timely in good condition and receipt of delivery and acceptance is present, however they don’t want to credit money back to my account. The complaint case with this company is going on since beginning of March 2019, and finance company instead of resolving this issue with initiators, their merchant Gravity Cool, associate Cecilia Elizondo, at GreenSky Financial company also does NOT want to issue permanent credit, as aligned by Federal Law, instead commingling back and forward (crediting and debiting) direct charge what was done by Gravity Cool without my authorization on my account for the amount of $3,643.20. | My credit history is excellent for continues 30 years with credit score varying during this time from 760 to 810!! Better Business Bureau reacted to this case, agreed that the companies like this we need to “Verify before you buy!!” and definitely they will decrease credit rating of this company due to complains. They also thankful for bringing up this issue to them, and repeating once again DO NOT buy anything and spread the word so there is NOT going to be similar harm in the future for anyone else. | However in order to remove unlawfully drown amount, the Credit Bureau needs to be contacted immediately and if this issue still NOT resolved proceed with Circuit Court case if issue still gets unresolved by merchant/and or their Finance company. | I also continue to receive their invitations to my name and address to attend free lunch at Red Lobster, where their presentation takes place, as still I’m their customer. I have already 4 invitations after February 2019. I keep contacting them that the complaint filed against them and request to REMOVE my name from their marketing list, as an answer that I received again, she replies ”OK, perfect, no worry, have a wonderful day!” | My name still in their marketing list!!!! I left another message to Latisha Fiazi and hopefully finally she repeated my name and address and told that she is able to remove my name from their directory herself and I will not receive any mailings from Gravity Cool in the future. | I harmed tremendously by them, lost extremely high number of work hours, all this time lost due to this issue cost me over twice amount of lost work time, as they charged me for merchandise that was returned to them, and phone and e-mail conversations are enormously add time to harm, abuse and disaster they put me into and complaint still stays open and unresolved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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