Great American Finance Company

Great American Finance Company Review

I just read the report of someone else who has had identical experiences with GAFCO as I have had. Yes, GAFCO did make it difficult for me to get a loan, the people at the store were acting strangely, and yes, I had decent credit. I got a loan to get bedroom furniture. EVERY TIME I am even one day late on their loan payment, they start wage garnishment processes on me. There are no ‘past due’ statements, no reminders, nothing. They go from paying on time to garnishment. | So, I phoned a local attorney. It turns out that their ability to even get a garnishment rests on them going to court and having it approved by a judge. That is a long process, since they have to first get a judgment, etc., and takes months. So why is their first line of offense a threat of garnishment? Like the other person who whom this happened, I believe they are psychopaths–it is a company of psychopathic individuals who love to torture people. They particularly love people with low income and no resources, and are almost giddy when someone has little education. These folks are the most vulnerable, and give up their rights. | So, my advice, is to call the state bar association to ask for a free lawyer. Yes, they are lawyers out there who will help for free. I did, and here is what I found out: | 1) They h ave to get a court order first, which will take many months or even a year. | 2) They will not get it if you live below poverty level. | So, if you already are “in” with these folks, just call an attorney the next time they attempt to hurt you. What they are doing is blatently illegal, so my next stop is the Federal Trade Commission and the State’s Attorney office.

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