Green Dry Cleaners

Green Dry Cleaners Review

Harvey Kleinman runs a dry clening business where he offers to get you into the dry cleaning business by owning your own drop-store. His brochure states that a refund of the initial deposit will be given if ever you decide to change your mind, for any reason. | He took my deposit and I did not hear from him at all. I managed to find a sopt and he would not even bother to negotiate terms although that what his brochure states. | Long story short; I finally demanded that he send me back my deposit. He basically left me a vocie mail stating that he will never refund my deposit. I have had a lawyer send three demand letters and he does nothing but stall for time. DO NOT do business with this individual. He does nothing but take your hard earned money. | I am in the process of filing with the DA in Florida; the Federal Consumer Protection Agency(CPA); the Federal Trade Commision(FTC). We need to shut this guy down for good. If you’ve been ripped off, I urge you to do the same. It will make these agencies pay closer attention if more than one complaint is received. He may even be operating without a Business License as I have done a search on-line and can’t find anything. Based on what I’ve seen in the reports on here, he is running this scam under different names(One Price, Inc., Eco Green Dry Cleaners, Green Dry Cleaners, American Dry Cleaning Company) | Just wish I had found this site before I ever invested in this crook.

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