Green Fuel Technologies, LLC.

Green Fuel Technologies, LLC. Review

Green Fuel Technologies, LLC., aka Green Fuel Solar. Employed me as a Solar Sales Representative for just a short time. During that time I was to be a salary employee with 5% commissions of contract amount, earned on all solar sales closed by me. I was presented with an offer letter which had stated this in full and I signed and accepted the offer. The offer letter did state that I was to be paid a yearly salary with 5% commissions on all deals sold, and a 30 day revision may take place with compensation plan and also that I would receive benefits package after 60 days of employment. During the time working with them I couldnt get any support, no business cards, no instructions for remote access to emails or there server for accessing there proposal tool, and I was an outside sales rep. presenting to clients in their homes. I recieved very little leads to generate sales, and I had to actually assist the Sales Manager with setting up the division. | They didnt even have financing, leasing, or other. I assissted in preparing paperwork packages (actually I desinged all paperwork needed at closing of deals),and also trained the other sales representatives. Even though this was not a part of my job discription. So, even with the limited resources and support I still sold a couple of deals with them. I was to be paid only when they were paid. The deals sold were all cash, with 5 seperate payments to be paid and I was to be paid 5 different times until paid in full my 5% of contract. | Well after being with them for 45 days i had only been paid commissions twice and the salary promised was stoped at 45 days also. When asked why salary was not being paid any longer, i was told they decided to pay me only 100% commissions and with no salary. But never presented me with a revised offer of employment sstatus, never. When I asked them for reasons as why they said we would discuss it. It was discussed on 7/14 and at that time I was already 4 weeks behind on my salary payments expected. I had only recieved a small percentage of commissions due. And they still required me to go to the office daily. With no money being paid to me, to be able to fuel my car or anything else for that matter. I decided to leave this company. After leaving GFT, i requested numerous time for a detail of all commissions owed and an outling as when to expect payment. The COO Dave Brooks sent me an email and sounded very sencere that I would be paid all commission owed. After a week had past and still no report of what commissions were owed. I then provided a detailed email of all commissions due and presented them with and offer to accept a settlement of -$300 to just get paid and move forward and terminate business 100%. Didnt want to drag this on for months. DB, COO then sent me an email stating they would offer to pay me half of what was owed and if not he would have to allow GFT payment process to govern. After that email I had to call the Labor Dept. just to get info on my rights in this matter. They gave me the exact statues they were violating and also stated why was I not asking for my unpaid salaries as based on initial offer letter I was to be paid. | So once i got all this info I responded and advised them of the violations and stated that at this point I would only like to be paid my commissions, again just wanted to be done with business with them. Once DB, COO received this email he replyed and stated that he would only pay me an additional commission payment and based on the fact that I was no longer servicing these clients, they were not responcible to pay me any further commissions. As anyone that has been a sales rep. for soalr knows, once the deal is sold it is turned over to construction and the only way you can update clients is if your updated. Well needless to say I never received any updates even when I worked for them. Also the construction personell actually updated the clients throughout the process once it was turned over to them. As a Sales Rep. I was not and never was involved with any part of the building process. So how was I to continue servicing my clients. | At this point after my employment with GFT am on the verge of loosing my car, I am 3 months behind on my morgage, and so on. They dont care. And told me point blank try and get your money and they will tie it up in court. And, I should just let it go and move on. But I am not. I have filed complaints with the Industrial Commissions of Arizona Labor Div., have filed small claims lawsuits and will continue to review them on every site I can. I reached out to my 1st deal sold for GFT, just to see if the solar system was installed and after 90 days it still was not installed complete. And GFT actually changed the components from what was sold to a sub standard component and didnt even notify the client. Now I know why I was never updated or given info of progress. | This company Green Fuel Technologies, LLC. (aka Green Fuel Solar, Green Fuel Solar AZ) has very questionable business practices with both the consumer and it employees. No intergrity at all. Only thing they are concerned with is making as much money as possible no matter the cost. My hopes in this report is to warn prospective employees of this company and also any consumers that may consider doing any business with them. Get Everything In Writing!!!! Cover your backside!!!! I have proff of all my statements made within this report. I have the signed excepted purchase contract for client mentioned along with listed components sold and presented to him. And, I have pictures of the actual components they installed. I also have all email correspondance with COO DB, and original offer letter and paystubs. And also recorded time and date stampe conversations with COO, and Sales Manager. So they can tell every lie they want and try and justify the actions all they want. But I have the truth. It is very simple, Give the client what they pay for and pay your employees what they are supposed to be paid, according to their own paperwork. Good luck to all considering going with solar to save money. Just know there are 50+ solar companies in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix Arizona. Good luck!

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