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I am a senior citizen living in a senior retirement community. I bought an AC unit for my residence, which is for cooling and heating. I purchased this unity from Greenstar Home Services and Jeremy Prevost. I have a contract with them and every couple of months they call to see if they can squeeze extra money from me. One month I have an issue and let them come out. After checking the unit he informs me, that the coils on the outside, had mold, along with some bugs he found on the inside of the unit. He informed me that the coil either needed a special cleaner of need to be replaced, and the vents under the house might have an opening for the bugs to get in, along with informing me that the vents needed to be brought up to code. He called a manager and came up with a bill totaling $4,530.00!!, as he continued speaking to the serviceman I could hear him tell him he could cut the cost down to $2600.00. I live in a small modular home, and the unit cost me $6,000 three years ago. These prices were outrage! During this time a friend came in and mentioned that I should check with my home owners and possibly it would cover the mold problem. The serviceman, called back his manager and proceeded to explain that I want to wait two days, check with my insurance company, and get back to them. His manager spoke on speaker and told the service man so that I could hear him, that if I did not sign for the repairs that day, the price would be back to $4,530. They tried playing hardball with me even though I am a senior and on a fixed income. | Run away from this company as fast as you can. Jeremy Prevost of Las Vegas, Nevada is a Liar, Cheat , Criminal and Scam Artist of the lowest level.

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  1. Martina Abston
    June 16, 2020

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