Greg Ferraro and Lori Ferraro

Greg Ferraro and Lori Ferraro Review

I attended a meeting in Spokane Washington where Greg and Lori Ferraro showed a program they were involved in a nutritional deal, I believe the name was vasayo. They talked about how the owner of the company had already built 2 billion dollar companies then retired and now was company back to build this 3rd and final company. They talked about how we were getting in on the ground floor and could make alot of money if we got in now before everyone else did. That if we did they would build under us, I’ve heard that line before which never works out. It always makes me skiddish when some is pushing you to buy now, you cant wait this is too big line of bull? They were talking about how great the products were but near as I could tell the speaker was about 40lbs over weight just saying. I didnt sign up and went home to look into the owners and the special guest speakers greg and lori. What I found was this site with a couple articles on lori and greg that confirmed my gut feeling about them which wasnt good. Then I looked into the owner and the detail they had left out was both companies he was part of had issues with the FTC in addition to a couple lawsuits that were filed against him that he had to pay off personally with something to do with non appropiate use of employees retirement funds. Anyway I was thankful I did some research on the company and greg and lori it saved me alot of future dissapoinment.

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