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I initially purchased a Camera (Canon 5d Mark 2) for 750.00 From Gretchen Hines on November 6th, the estimated time of arrival was November 14th, however, she created a shipping label so she could mark it shipped in the eBay system and get paid, and the item sat in pre-shipment for 11 days, and only when I filed for a refund, did she come up with an excuse, and said it must have been lost in shipping. The package was checked in on November 17th, shipped two-day priority. | When the package arrived, I opened it to find A camera bag, bag of change, a weight, battery pack, lens cover, and warranty information for a Canon 30d. The total weight of the package was 4 lbs. a Mark 2 is 1.87 lbs. The additional items were clearly added to simulate the weight of the camera. | I contacted Gretchen to confront her about the package, and she said that she sent the camera, and then hung up the phone. | Over the next days I kept contacting her about the package and she blamed the post office, claiming they tampered with the package, even though it was perfectly sealed with no visible signs of distress. She also turned the tables on me and said that I was the one trying to scam her. Then she said that I didn’t sign for the package so I was out of luck. | She claimed she took pictures of the camera as it was packaged, but when I asked for them they could never be produced. Also asked for the serial number of the camera, and she said she didn’t have one becasue the camera had been shipped, so I asked her to refer to the pictures for the number, and she never responded. | There have been multiple emails and phone calls to Gretchen Hines, but she denies she did anything wrong, and has blamed every possible option and never come clean. | I’ve contacted eBay, Paypal, The Post Office, and The local police. The police say it’s out of their jurisdiction since the crime happened over state lines. | She has now said that I’m harrasing her becasue I’m insistent on getting my money back, or the camera I paid for. Anyone who has been overtly taken advantage of would have the same reaction, and I will not stop until something is resolved. Stuff like this should be allowed to take place on such a large scale. | I’m very surprised that a person can openly try to scam someone in this day and age and think they can get away with it.

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