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Groves Veterinary Clinic Port Charlotte Florida, Killed My DOG! Yes, Thats right I took my dog to this Vet, My dogs have been going to this vet for over 3 or 4 years, My Two hairless dogs, One with Fur & the other without fur. I have spent over $11,000 on these dogs with this vet. My one dog she was about 12 pounds, about 1 1/2 ago the vet was taking many growths off the dog, there were not cancer just mainly fatty growths. It seemed everytime I went in the vet wanted to cut something off. This was ongoing for like 1 year, any each time came the $850.00 price. I was starting to wonder is this excess work. | So after a recent operation for a growth on the top of the ear, I was supposed to bring to the dog to check if he got all of the growth. while waiting to come back in to get a checkup, The was not feeling too good, so I brought the dog in, I explained the dog is not feeling good, but they wanted to do surgery for that growth they didn’t get it all and charge us again? Well I told the vet NO, more surgery well at that time they took the dog and gave her a blood test and checked her. They all the office vets came out front and said my dog had diabetes, I said how can that be, I have been bringing the dog her always for checkups. Well at that time they gave her about 7 shots charged us $640.00 ( no Insulin ) and said see how she feels tomorrow. If she doesn’t feel good bring her back in. | Well from that day on the dog was in a zombie state. When I got her home she was shocked, she wouldn’t eat, drink she threw up and got so sick I had to take her in the next day., Funny Uh, One day perfect after given 7 shots stuff like pain meds, anti-vomitting, vitamins. NO INSULIN, when they said she was diabetic, so all night the dog was in a zombie state. Next day we took the dog back into DR. Groves, he said she need to be in admitted. So they did they kept her in for 4 days and finally said they she had ketoacidosis & congestive heart her glucose also was over 600. we decided to take her out and take her to another vet, The next vet said shes too fargone and all her veins are collapsed from iv’s. | We had to put her to sleep. So after $3000 of treatment with Dr Groves we had to take her to another vet and spend $185.00 to put her to sleep. Well we requested her medical records, once we got them we saw elevated glucose levels over time, we also noted this was after each operation, 125 then 245, then 300 then 434. each time getting worst the vet never brought this to our attention ever.Until it was too late and even then never gave insulin. a nightmare. This is crazy they have all the medical records and blood tests I should have been told about the glucose levels THAT THE REASON FOR THE BLOOD TEST

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