GS Administrators, Inc.

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I had a total loss for my car. After the loss, I continued to pay my car note for two months while the claim was being processed. Any payments that I made after my loss was supposed to be reimbursed to me. When I called the company (customer service person terse and rude by the way) I was told that I had a late payment. | I have never had a late payment. She said my contract indicated that my payments were due on the first of the month however, after the first payment I officially changed my payment date to the 20th of the month. I provided proof of this by sending them an official statement from Toyota about my change in the due date. | I emailed them and attached this statement. I received an email stating that the GAP contract states that they will only use the original due date and not any changed date and therefore would not refund the money. This is just a way for the company not to pay. If a due date was officially changed that due date should apply.

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