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Got ripped off big time. a two week late power bill has somehow escalated into a three payment delinquent bill requiring three bills to pay this month of december in an increased amount by $60 to $70 dollars per billi. i was only two weeks late on my bill that i was already paying TWO WEEKS EARLY every month. i had accepted enrollment in the power companys FLAT BILL PAY over two years ago and already i knew they were basing my power consumption above my highest bill for the entire year but because i liked the idea of knowing in advance exactly what i owed i continued even though i knew it wasnt to my advantage. a couple of months ago i skipped a bill for the month and felt that because i had already been paying my bill two weeks in advance it shouldnt be that big of a problem. at that time they increased my bills to $279, $289 and another at $289 all in the month of this december 2017 and served me with a disconnect notice. how can one skipped bill result in THREE delinquent payments over the last two months? anyway, i demanded off their flat bill pay plan and paid three power bills this month, one of shich i KNOW i dont owe but who can argue when they re my only power source. they need to be investigated for certain.

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