Halfprice.com Review

I downloaded the software from this company and was using the trial software. they had an advertisement that if you went to Swag bucks you could get the software for free by completing the offers on Swag bucks. So i did that. | Had to buy stuff from ebay which gave me swag bucks to use to buy the software from Halfprice.com. i also had to answer questionnaires and other tasks. one of them was to sign up for door dash and complete and order. I did that also. | It took 30 days to post the swag bucks to my account so I could order the software from halfprice. After i did that they said they no longer offer that deal. Halfprice was getting paid because of the advertising that they were doing for swag bucks. | Sending people over to do one of the swag buck deals. I contacted halfprice to resolve this and they will not. I think they should honor the deal and give me the license for the software.

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