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Halo Private Investigators has also really ripped me and my family off and taken our money. Mr. Frankum was hired by me in the later part of 2013 in my sons case. When in his office in Dallas talking to him he promised us all the things that he was going to do and also stated that he had already looked at my sons case before we hired him. And said I don’t know why your son is locked up and I will go after the juries and talk to each of them. He told us he needed a deposit of 3,000 plus to start the investigation and the total amount would be & 036;17,500 which was paid in monthly installments of & 036;800.00 a month until all paid. Remind you this bill was paid in full plus extra money that he asked for. And to top it off he has only visited my son twice and I had to pay for his Hotel, Food and traveling fees.This guy never returns you calls he emails you when he feels like it. I was told that it was going to be a team working on my sons case and as of today I still don’t know who the team is. Eddie has lied to us and hasn’t produced any minutes to my which I’ve been asking from him so many times. I have also asked to set up a meeting with him and he always say that he’s out of the office and let me check my calendar when in get back in the office then I will call you. To this day I still haven’t heard from him about this meeting. He was suppose to go see my son in November and I paid him & 036;437.00 plus dollars to go see my son. Which he didn’t go see my son and said he was going to use the money to go visit a lady that which was in the trial and was going to refund me the remaining of the money yea right he took all my money. Yea he also told me about the Brady Law in my son case and never said anything else about it. Yes he plays the Jesus role also so I know these people posting the Jesus role isn’t lying. I haven’t spoken with this man in over 3 years nor have he produce any minutes investigating my sons case. I’m a single mother with a & 036;1,100 dollar house note a & 036;965.00 car notes and etc. and Eddie (preys) on people money to benefit him not the persons. I’ve a lot to say about this guy and can and will bag all of this up.. The last email that I’ve received from him was in February of this year to tell me that all evidence has been exhausted and I’m like what the Hell. Then he says if we or Lance can think of any new evidence let him know so he can look into it. That’s what I paid you and your so call team to do. I’ve emailed him and haven’t received a response back yet. In being a professional Investigator you must stay professional at all times which he does sometimes but not always. I’ll not lie nor sugar code how my son and I have been betrayed by Eddie Frankum. And it’s sad that he does tit for tact when hard paying people have paid him money to help their love ones. To me this shows that he doesn’t give a darn about taking people money. I’ll save the rest of the State Bar Of Texas to review. Remember emails can be seen and read but phone calls can’t. Also I did keep all my minutes when I first meet with him in his office on the promises.

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  1. Janie Ratte
    June 16, 2020
  2. Tyisha Nardo
    June 16, 2020

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