Hans Peterson

Hans Peterson Review

Hans Peterson aka Joachim Peterson is a well known con artist in the San Diego East Village. Just ask the property manager at Entrada Properties at 453 13th St. San Diego, Ca 92101. He owes the property managment company a lot of money from renting out apartments to his so called friends and then later abondening paying the rent. He also conned me into sending him thousands of dollars to start up another investment at the Pinnacle on the Park in San Diego as well. He is nothing but a liar and a thief. I don’t know how people like this can sleep at night, it makes me sick. I want to stop this disgusting of a human being from doing this to any other person. Please help and spread the word that Hans can’t be trusted. He maybe renting out properties on AirBnB or possibly working at the University of San Diego as a part time teacher as he has a PHD in statistics. He maybe living at the Pinnacle on the Park in the East Village.

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