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I bought a hand bilge pump with a hose that is attached to the pump frame by a collar. The collar came packaged separately in the same box and it is too large, probably for the next-larger size of pumps they sell. I called the "everybody loves our service" number and got rudely told to complain via Amazon, which I did. Got the reply "we don’t understand send picture", so I did, reply "we don’t see no problem". Repeated very clearly what was wrong, got reply "we don’t pack nothing loose", which was untrue. Can you just send me a collar that fits your smaller pump? "You got to send it all back." I just want a 2" collar with the measurements I’ve sent you three times already. "You got to send it all back.". | This outfit is evidently run by ONE guy with a bad attitude, defective stuff, and giving customers the runaround. I will machine the needed part myself.

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  1. Craig Birtley
    July 21, 2021
  2. Gearldine Morisey
    June 16, 2020

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