Hawaii Spray Lining, LLC

Hawaii Spray Lining, LLC Review

Hello, I’m a coatings professional by trade with 15 years of experience I’m a supervisor in my field out of San Diego I spray everything from ponds,roofing,concrete and bedliners. I have a crew of 4 that traveled to Oahu to do coatings for an new construction hotel in kapolei hi 4 month job. So by all means I’ve a professional trade .the truck that was provide to I had a Spray Lining in the truck. We had never heard of this company before and we was “not impressed” by the lining quickly spray job production type work . After 2 months fading started to be noticeable . Spray Lining Hawaii had a location near that I visited . I stoppped in to find out more about prices in Hawaii .While chatting with the owner (although I didn’t inform him of my trade profession) I m applaud on how or where this person got his training more of a sales person than a expert in the field “substandard ” even with his equipment was a knock off china made . We got that he was a Marvel trained now Spray Depot trained by a person that we know . We in the coating industry know what works and what does not . And for the price that ” Spray Lining LLC ” is charging $650 is over priced for a entry level coating job he’s should be at $225 .Owerner needs more training with Graco equipment and and high grade material . We cut apart a section and examine found out “Spray Linings” coating of Hawaii to have pin hole which indication he needs more training coatings will fail .

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