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Health capital investors and steve nitsberg still at it! | Steven nitsberg and his company, health capital investors. The continued complaint is that steven takes so much time and resources from potential clients including upfront underwriting fees, but it seems he hardly ever closes a deal. Steven claims to be on the cutting edge of the industry with servicing and capital, when we have seen no proof that he can or will actually close a deal and service it. He prays on the desperate brokers in the industry recycling the same deals over and over. He claims no bs or run around on his company website that has not been updated since 2005! not exactly cutting edge and from our own experience’s and others, that seems to be the only thing he delivers on, bs and the run around. | Please contact us via the link through so that we can get a measure on how many have actually, a. Secured funding without any upfront fees from health capital investors, b. Paid upfront underwriting fees only to end up with a long drawn out process that does not conclude in an actual funding. C., can identify his “in-house” service abilities. While it is common to use outsourced servicing companies, steven claims to have a substantial in-house service team. | Exerpt from their website. “we specialize in providing capital to healthcare providers nationwide including doctors, medical practices, nursing homes, hospitals, home healthcare companies, rehab clinics and others with our working capital, acquisition and accounts receivable financing programs. Currently, we finance healthcare clients whose funding needs range from $100,000 to $100 million. Our standard of service and knowledge of the healthcare industry is unmatched by commercial banks or other finance or factoring companies. Health capital provides flexible, asset-based loans and/or accounts receivable purchase fundings at highly competitive rates, with no hidden fees. Call us today and within 30 days health capital’s funding programs could be working for you.”

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