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Health Insurance Martketplace Review

I enrolled in Obama Care through the Health Insurance Marketplace in Dec 2014 and began receiving coverage through AETNA in Jan 2015. My monthly premium was $299 for 3 months, then it was reduced to $199 in April based on a tax credit for my son. The first 3 payments I paid online at the AETNA Navigator website or by phone when the website payments server failed. Then I authorized AETNA to auto debit my account each month for the premium of $199.34 which they did until October 4 2015, when AETNA debited my personal checking account $3264.44. | When I contacted AETNA for an explanation, they advised that Health Insurance Marketplace increased my monthly premium from $199.34 to $671. This increase per AETNA was effective as of May 2015 but the Marketplace didnt notify them until September, so they debited me for the difference plus my current premium. AETNA refused to reverse the transaction and insisted that only the Marketplace could make an adjustment. Next I spent 2 grueling hours on the phone with the Marketplace who advised me the new rate was accurate and was retroactive back to May 2015. | There would be no refund of the $3264.44 AND I needed to reapply for coverage as my “application” for heath care was never actually completed. I was in shock and disbelief. AETNA wipes out my checking account and then the Marketplace tells me my application for coverage for was never completed. They claimed that information requested on my dependent son was never received. I provided dates and names of representatives I spoke with back in April 2015 and advised them of the required documents that were sent. Next they confirmed that they did receive the documenation and as it was evaluated, I did not qualify for the tax credit. | They couldnt tell me when this determination was made or why I was never notified or why AETNA was not notified until Sept. Then they told me that I had to began the application process again. I reluctanly complied only to be told that I no longer qualified for coverage due to my current unemployment. The representative suggested I apply for Medicare, which I have already been declined for as I own my home. As others complained about the goverment health care system and The Affordable Care Act, I have always defended it. I thought it afforded me and my son good healthcare coverage. Boy was I fooled. This system left me with no health coverage and no money, all in a single day.

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