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I chose to move with heartland van lines in september of 2015. The purpose of writing this review is to save others from experiencing what just happened to me. I strongly discourage anyone from booking a move with the following companies: heartland van lines (also known as trans van lines, or avis van lines) classic van lines orange van lines further, you will want to avoid doing business with the following agents/dispatchers: avi(heartland van lines) avi seems to be the owner of heartland van lines, though he denied this when i asked him about it. The owner is listed as “aviad lankri” online. Jay mitchell(heartland van lines) – 312-690-4144 isaac (classic van lines) – 818-725-1225, 214-774-4636 lior (orange van lines) i submitted a quote request and jay mitchell from heartland movers contacted me about my move. I told jay mitchell that i had already accepted a bid.he told me the company i chose had numerous bad reviews and that they would up the charge of the move once they came to pick up my belongings. I researched the original company thoroughly and found that jay was right. I signed a binding contract with heartland van lines for my melbourne, fl to atlanta. Jay was very friendly, helpful, assuring, and responsive as we discussed the move, and the price offered was lower than other options that we found. We briefly researched heartland van lines, and found that they had an a+ rating with the better business bureau. We felt this was the company for us. I canceled that moved and agreed for jay to quote me a price. His price was a little bit more than the first but not much and his company only had one bad review. I sighed the binding contract and paid a $700 deposit. Concerns began to surface as the pick-up day approached. I couldn’t get a hold of them and began to have reservations. I given a three-day pick up window, and promised that the driver would call me 48 hours prior to his arrival to let us know when he would be coming. We received a call just after 3 pm on wednesday afternoon, september 17, from a driver who informed us that he would be arriving for the pick up between 10-1 the next day september 18, which was not 48 hours notice. Not a big deal, but the 48 hour notice as promised would have been appreciated so that we could plan accordingly.. When the driver arrived, he was in a 27′ penske truck. And the problems just s****.>

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