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Heaven's Honey Inc. Review

Heaven’s Honey Inc. and founder Abdullah Motiwalla scam all of Chicago. There are several frauds and situations going on with Heaven’s Honey Inc. For starters, they collected money from their followers which was suppose to be used to “fund” and “give-back” to farmers and people in need. But we have proof that showed that all donations went to the founder, Abdullah Motiwalla and have confirmed that none of the none of the money was used or given to the farmers that the donation was setup under. The company doesn’t have the ability to collect donations, but collect over $400 of donation, just from 1 single campaign that went straight to Abdullah’s pocket. | Along with frauding and scamming for donations, the company has this HUGE claim right now that they are sourcing and getting “local”, “Chicago” honey. We’ve been able to collect evidence and proof that Heaven’s Honey is getting more than 90% of their honey from sources outside of Illinois, matter of fact, almost all of it is coming from outside of the country. | Heaven’s Honey can be found at Jewell-Osco and several restaurants use their product, none of which are aware of the fact that the honey that they are receiving is not sourced within or even around Chicago, which is what they were guranteed and promised. | We’ve been following the company closely and have been able to collect a lot of information. We’ve seen how the company has started and where it’s been going. And the sad part is, when the company first launched, we were excited to help and support this company, until something happened and the company started to scam and frauds thousands of people across the Chicagoland. | This is not fair to the public or even the companies that they are scamming. This product should be removed from all shelves and restaurants. We have already started to boycot the restaurants, Jewel, and other groccery stores that carry Heavens Honey. |

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  1. Al Jacobs
    August 13, 2021

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