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I had parked my car in the shopping complex area. I went into CVS pharmacy for shopping around 8:15pm. After finished up my shopping I went to have a cofee with my friend in the same premises where I parked my car. After some time when we came out I did not see my car its vanished. I was scared. It was here just before. How come it vanished when I was in the shopping complex. where it is gone. After enquiring there we came to know that my car was towed away by HENRY WRECKERs. Without any reason. | This is really bullshit, what I supposed to do at night. After this we went to their location. When we explained what was happened. they are least bother. They told me to pay money first and take your car or call this number to talk to their manager not now but tomorrow morning that’s it. They are not ready to hear anything else. They can tow and earn money from us but do not want to hear anything. | I took that number and I did same what they told me but that is also vain. Tried two numbers which they gave me. TIM’s 703-763-4404 and 703-698-8900. I had been called so many times. Everytime was going into voice mail. Left voice mail but no response. With this I came to know nobody want to really help people like us who had been ripped off for the sack of money. | This is first time happened to me. After searching on the internet I came to know they are kind of thieves run this business to earn money on the name of towing. Nobody can do anything such that as they have good relationships with police and another people who have power. | We know this is not correct but still they are ripping people like us. I don’t know how this bad things can be stopped.

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  1. Steven Salzman
    June 16, 2020

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