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I had heard great things about deer antler velvet and its effects, so when I saw ads for Aspen Antler and their large amounts of IGF-1 that seemed too good to be true, I ordered a bottle right away of their Palladium Formula, which claimed to have 150mg of IGF-1. Well, as I had predicted, it was indeed too good to be true. | After taking the supplement for a couple of weeks, and seeing no improvement or effects, I brought the supplement to my doctor to get some input, since he had recommended deer antler velvet products to me in the past and was knowledgeable in the field. | What he told me absolutely DISGUSTED me. Herbal Nutrition and their Aspen Antler product is nothing more than a SCAM. They have NO IGF-1 in their bottle whatsoever, and It is IMPOSSIBLE for 150 milligrams of IGF-1 to be in any supplement. In fact, my doctor informed me that taking an amount of IGF-1 that high at once could KILL you, if such a product existed. | On their website, they mention that they are the only manufacturer who features milligrams of IGF-1, while all other companies only have nanograms of it. Turns out, the other companies with nanograms are the only legitimate ones, because you cannot get an IGF-1 content higher and nanograms in the bottle! I of course tried to call Herbal Nutrition and demand an explanation, but multiple phone calls brought me only to a voice mail box, and my voicemails were never returned. | Avoid this company and their scams at all costs. Do not waste your money. Their product will not do a thing for you and you will be throwing your money away, to a company that lies, false advertises, and can’t even return a phone call.

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