HESS Review

Hess International Educational Group is racist and deceptive. They destroyed my dreams of teaching students and improving their fluency in English. I wasted five months of my life–from my acceptance by Hess in September, 2018 until they pressured me to sign a “Cancel Contract Agreement” on January 25, 2019–due to their deception and racism. | In fact, per the official policy of Hess, I was not provided with the proper sequence of warnings before I was set up to fail during an assessment. I had not even finished my second week as a teacher (Hess NST Manual, 143). Basically, Hess decided to separate me from employment because I sent a text message to one of my direct supervisors in which I complained that another supervisor had used racist language to describe my possible effect on students. | I had never experienced such derogatory language in any previous job. The person in question, in a baseless fashion (considering my great rapport with students of various ages and backgrounds historically, and my excellent educational and work background) said that I would “intimidate” and scare students due to my phenotype. I was shocked but did not complain until the following day via text message, when I suspected that my hours were getting cut. | In fact, my suspicions were not unfounded, as I later discovered upon discussion with some fellow teachers that the things that I was subjected to were nothing short of violation of my rights as a worker and human being. Hess provided white teachers–the vast majority of native speaking English teachers are white–with the minimum 20 hours of classes while I was grudgingly allowed to only teach 4 hours, during that time. Also, the racist supervisors subjected me to embarrassing and unfair scrutiny by demanding that I do demonstrations and endure premature assessments when none of my white peers had to do the same. | Basically, I am writing this as a warning to anyone who is not white to be aware that Hess is not a good company to work for if you are a person of color, per my experience. I wish that I could have read a testimonial such as this before I applied and journeyed to Taiwan–it would have saved me thousands of US dollars and allowed me to use my time far more wisely.

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