Hewitt Financial Services LLC

Hewitt Financial Services LLC Review

I had an old 401K account from Best Buy which was forced to rollover to Hewitt Financial Services without my consent or knowledge. I later found out my account was transferred over, and this Hewitt Financial Services was charging huge fees for doing absolutely nothing. It was a CASH account, a money market account, and I later found out they charged several fees which drained hundreds of dollars from this account. After finding this out, I tried to contact them by email and phone to try and cancel the account. They requested several forms, and would delay their reponses for a week at a time thus pushing back the process. After I questioned them about the huge losses in my account they stated it was due to “market fluctuations”, after I reminded them this was a Cash account, they revealed their hugh fees. My total return on the account was negative hundreds of dollars. Very frustrating company, typical scumbags, I am warning everybody to stay away from doing any kind of business with them. I asked them to refund the fees, they refused.

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