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Hexa & Co. Review

I am in need of underwear to help with bladder leakage. I saw this company’s advertisement on the internet. It said that I could get a free sample if I paid the shipping costs of $2.99. I sent my information to them and the free sample came. Everything seemed ok. In 2 more weeks I received another shipment from them. Then about a week later I received another shipment. | I called to let them know that I didn’t want their product after all. They agreed that there had been a mistake and they would refund the $47.50 that was taken out of my account. My account would be closed. In another 2 weeks I got another shipment from them and they charged my account with another $47.50. | I called them again to let them know of the second mistake. I asked for 2 refunds for both of the packages because it had been their error. One of the refunds came back to me. I called to ask about the 2nd refund and was told I didn’t qualify for a 2nd refund. They didn’t give me a reason for refusing my 2nd refund.They offered me a $40 store credit instead. I didn’t want the money to be a total loss so I agreed to do that. | The sweet talking girl offered me some different products for free. I very reluctantly agreed she could send them to me if there would be no charges to my account. She promised there would be no charges. The next morning I found 2 new charges to my account from this company, one for $2.99 and one for $7.98. I now feel like I have been scammed because I am a Senior Citizen. I hope this report will help keep others from being scammed by this company.

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