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Hi Tech Remodeling Group Review

Horrible horrible company! Horrible people that do a horrible job. When your neighbors come and tell you your roof looks horrible I know it’s just not me. They have good sales people I’ll tell you that. They know how to sell a job. But when it comes to the job they do horrible work. Maybe it’s not them because they do go through a third party. But when we tried to get them to fix our problem our sales person Johnathan was no where to be found. He’d tell me ” call my assistant to set up an appointment” she’s not his assistant and she will let you know that. | The problem: | They were not careful when taking off our old shingles. When installing the new shingles they broke part of our facial board on the corner of our house. When they added the shingles I guess they didn’t do it neatly because there’s a plastic bag or trash hanging from the corner of our house. When the wind blows you can hear the bag blowing in the wind. They took off some of our boards to replace them because it is damaged they only replaced the top board and not the bottom. | When we called them: | He said he’d send out the roofer to fix it. When the roofer didn’t show up we called to roofer to see where he was. The roofer told us that Jonathan told him to go to another job instead of our place. This happened maybe 2 or 3 times. The roofer also added that Jonathan did not pay him for doing our garage roof yet. I’m thinking that’s why he hasn’t come. Because he wasn’t paid yet? Keep in mind we already paid Jonathan. | I decided to try and call the higher up. I asked to talk to a manger. The lady that answered the phone asked me why. So I told her I wanted to complain. Some how I got redirected to Jonathan’s “assistant” and she wouldn’t direct me to anyone she just told me she’ll let Jonathan know. My problem was never resolved. | Funny situation: | After our roofing job we wanted to get our house repainted. So some telemarketer calls us to set up an appointment. Once the sales person come out he says hi I’m Harel from hi tech. I said wait hi tech that is not the company I made an appointment with. He said depending on what company called you they use different names. I told him well I don’t like your company you guys are horrible. He asked me why what happened. I told him the story. He proceeded to still give us a quote on exterior paint $9000. Said they theyll fired that third party roofing company. And he’ll get someone out here to fix our problem as soon as he gets to the office. And we never heard from him again

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