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I am at the statue of limitations of an old debt from almost 10 years ago. This debt collector Hiday does not give up on me, while the big banks of Wall Street got their bailouts. I have been told in the past of a judgement from a past credit card debt. I received the judgement while I arrived in the Florida courts on the court date because I was a few minutes late getting into the room due to security. The judge yelled across the room I was late then issued the judgement, without me defending myself. | Years later I’m due again back in court because of this debt collector, who can’t even prove the debt, or show a contract with the bank that it is from. They ignore my letters – especially since they only have a po box address, which I think is on purpose. The judge ignores my wishes as well, I do believe they are all friends. With some searching of their background, I found this debt companies owner is a former State Attorney of Jacksonville Fl. | and the other owner is a retired sheriff. | I was ordered by the courts to a meeting at a rented hotel suite with this debt collector, I was told if I did’nt show up I would be held in contempt of court. They never showed up. They sent a rented court reporter instead and we all talked through speaker phone, which included this debt collector Melissa. Not sure of her title. She expected me to show her all my financials when she wasn’t even present. I told her she could be anyone, a scammer – therefore I refused to cooperate at that time, especially since I was sitting in a rented hotel room. | I then received another letter recently to appear in court, after the judge said I did not have to return. In the past the debt collector sent five hundred pound men to serve me papers at all hours of the day, especially at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. It was all a scare tactic and more like a home invasion. Which I told the judge, but she seemed to be on their side. The papers are not even legal, has the heading from the courts but on the very bottom it states from a debt collector. I even wrote several times to the State Attorney of Florida, who wrote me back and said she was forwarding my information to other agencies, which nothing ever came from that. | Recently the debt collector showed up in court with me. Again I asked to see the documents and contracts of the debt, which the judge basically shouted to me, to go to the 3rd floor of the court house and view them. I was made to feel like a spectacle , as they understood each other. | The debt collector Melissa stood there and lied about the meeting at the hotel suite stating to the judge I did’nt show up. I then corrected her and said I was there and signed in at the desk and reminded Melissa she was not there, only by telephone on speaker. Melissa then stated I refused to co operate with her at the time of quesitoning me, I told the judge it could have been anyone on the phone at the time. The judge shouted we the courts don’t wake up in the morning and just put anyone on the phone . Then I notice the court officer stepped closer to my side, as if to warn me of my actions. All because of this old credit card debt. A show that was put on for all that was present. | The judge was on the debt collectors side the whole time. I explained I make 10 dollars an hour part time and I’m on and off food assistance. I asked the judge for a trial, she denied it, I asked for the case to dismiss this and the judge denied it again, I asked for some time to get an attorny, the judge stated you will have 30 days and we will all meet back here in the court room. Now I am being told to come back at the end of the month to show my fianancials as the debt collector Melissa thanked the judge for helping her. | As I walked away, the judge sarcastically yelled across the room to me “have a nice day” | At this time I am Judgement proof due to my background as “head of household” and other circumstances, which my family Attorney will present to the courts – which means basically the courts and the debt collector has to drop this case once and for all. | I will be taking this matter to the media and possibly Washington to tell my story so other people in my situation can learn from this and learn how to defend themselves

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  1. Frankie Perrins
    June 16, 2020

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