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I had ridden my bike to this shop on a summer Sunday. I had fallen off my bike on the way and had a scratch on my arm. As soon as I got there I had asked to bring my bike inside because there wasn’t a bike rack. The front desk woman called someone over. I believe he was the manager and named josh. He had tattoos all over his face. He asked where my bike was and I said in the entrance of the shop at the bottom of the stairs. He went and looked and then said to me, “does this look like a motor vehicle shop?” I started to say that my bicycle isn’t a motor vehicle but I decided not to | argue back. He made a few more comments and then told me to take the bike outside. I said that I am planning on spending money and do not want my bike to get stolen. He could have just said no instead of being a smart a**. He then looked at me and said, “what do you want?” I told him that I drew a tattoo that I wanted on a tattoo creator app on my phone and then started looking for the app and the picture that I had drew. He cut me off and asked me what a tattoo creator app was. I then stated that it was a mobile application that is used to sketch tattoos, as the name implies. (This | guy is not only very rude but also moronic) Right when I showed him the picture he said very loudly that he would not put that tattoo on himself while looking disgusted so I asked why. He repeated saying that he wouldn’t even put that tattoo on a customer, totally ignoring my question. After the third time that I asked him why, he finally responded. He said that the tattoo is too flat because it was sketched with adobe. I then repeated what I had said earlier, that it was made on a mobile app tattoo creator and that I know that it is “flat.” Hence the whole reason I wanted to come in and | speak to an artist. I was almost ready to walk on because of how rude this guy was and also how idiotic he was. He did not seem interested in my inquiries at all and was very unwilling to help in any sort of way. From here, everything became even worse. He asked what I wanted to do with my horrible drawing. I was very offended at this but let it slide. I repeated myself, again, stating that I wanted an artist to look at it and see what they could do with it. He said, we can’t just let an artist speak with you about your “drawing.” He actually used quotation symbols with his hands when he | said drawing. Once again, I let it slide. I told him that I am going to buy a tattoo but I wanted to speak with an artist first to see their ideas with it. He said no. I told him that I am willing to put down a deposit so it isn’t wasting company time. He said, “no, we can’t just customize your experience. This is a business not a hotel.” (whatever that means) I then told him that it says on the website that the staff will customize each customers experience to their own needs and satisfaction. When I said this he just kind of looked at me strange. I told him that I wanted to know what the tattoo is | going to look like before I get it put on me. He said, “well…duh!!” I sighed and said okay well then get an artist for me to speak with. He then rudely asked me if I had heard what he said about custom customer experiences. I replied saying that I did and did he hear himself when he said yeah duh. This guy was just talking in circles. I then said, “okay, how about this. I put down a deposit or whatever you want, then I speak with an artist. That artist can draw up a few ideas based on my sketch and then text or email me the ideas and I can choose from those.” He even said no to this idea. I | then asked him, “so how does this so called shop work?” He replied, “well, like every other shop out there, you pick a tattoo, you sit in a chair, an artist comes and draws the tattoo on your skin with a tattoo gun.” I said well yeah, that’s how it works but I am supposed to have the tattoo already picked out even though its a custom sketch done by myself. He started to just walk away from me without replying. As he started walking away, he noticed that my arm was skinned a little. It wasn’t technically bleeding but the skin was rubbed off a little bit from when I had fell off my bike. This part | is when I started getting very upset. He came back up to me and started yelling at me about how I have blood all over me. (which I didn’t) He started freaking out saying that I, “contaminating” his shop with my dirty DNA. As he said this, the front desk woman went and got me a dry paper towel. I blotted the scrape which of course didn’t help because it wasn’t bleeding, it was just some skin rubbed off. As I blotted the scrape he was saying things like “ewe” “horrible hygiene” and other random rude comments. As I went to throw out the paper towel he said that I am getting blood all | over his shop. He yelled this at me by the way. I replied saying that there isn’t really any blood on the paper towel. He said, “look at your hands, you have blood all over your hands.” I looked down at my hands and there was NO blood on them what so ever. As I started to say that I didn’t have any blood on my hands he yelled at me telling me to get out. This was so incredibly rude and such a waste of time. I can not believe how impolite, verbally aggressive, and horrendously stupid this guy was. He seemed to not be able to comprehend ANYTHING that I was saying. Or maybe it was the fact that he smelled like he just baked out his car with 3 blunts and was drinking whisky on top of that. Makes me wonder how this guy became a manager.

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