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Highland Health Direct Review

I bought health insurance from Highland Health Direct. I told him that a need a policy that gives good coverage for emergency because I seem to be healthy and don’t usually go to doctor often. The agent told me they have PPO, a multi plan that would pay up to 70% for emergency or hospital stay. After the Multi plan pays their portion then TransAmerica insurance benefit would kick in. Base on an example of 40,000. I would end paying only a couple thousand dollar. Well, it was all a lie. I had to go the emegency room for a heart attack. Was in the hospital for 2 days and had to 1 stent in my heart. Hospital bill was over $90,000. PPO and TransAmerica only paid 17%. Still have over $70,000 balance. | Do Not Buy health insurance from Highland Health Direct. They are a fraud and sells false coverage.

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