HighStreetMgmt.com Review

Hickson Chen who runs fraudulent Investor introduction firm and pretends to be an Investor. | I have attended several conferences, which I have paid thousands of dollars to go, and was interviewed by this fake investor. Pretending to be part of GENRICH Family Office, upon closer look at GENRICH Family Office– it is a one man accounting firm. | Then he started his scam called: High Street Management which is just him and his blonde girlfriend. | They go conferences pretend to be investors and then turn around and contact you and ask you if you interested in there marketing services and they close $100K for them to introduce you to other Scam and frauds like themselves. | When I told them they licensee for this SEC, they changed there tune and said – oh this research. Seriously, if was investor and introduced by these scam artists I would file a lawsuit against the fund if lost money. | Just be warned and stay away from HIckson Chen (who is Chinese) pretends be Brazilian (No I am not kidding) Lives $700 /Mo. Apartment in San Gabriel and pretends to be a big Investor.

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