Hill and Ponton

Hill and Ponton Review

I had sent a message to the Hill and Ponton firm in Deland Florida about their communication policy and apparently they didn’t like what was going on with me and my lawyer after almost 4 yrs with the firm they dropped my case, I only talked with my lawyer Leslie D Gaines 3 times in 3 1/2 yrs which to me was unacceptable, Hill and Ponton received my message and they must of talked to Leslie D Gaines and she called me on Feb 15 at about 5pm throwing me a bomb about dropping my case just because I had given the firm a complaint about why does it take a long time to talk and get some answers about my case, I’ve been punished for criticizing their communication policy. I hope that other veterans don’t go through what I wnt through, I wasted 4 yrs with this firm to get my case dropped because of a communication policy. I was so close to close my case, it’s unfortunate for me and for them they were going to get paid once I get my retroactive pay. Their lost,,

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