Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Review

Report Filed: Holiday Inn Club Vacations Time shares offered are totally worthless 4 days after the contract is signed Kissimmee Florida!!

While sitting for a presentation for buying a time share, I asked about the resale in case of a change in my health of circumstances. I was told my original timeshare that I bought for $12,401 was now worth $.28 per point x my 133,000 points = $37240. The problem is there are no buyers ay even $1to make it legal. If you buy a timeshare it is worth what you paid for it for the 3 days that you have to change your mind. After that you can pay a lawyer abiut $2000 to help you get rid of it. Without getting rid of it legally you are required to make the tax and upkeep payments for the rest of your life and then your kids can pay. In my case a little over $1000 per point year. If i lose my job, and can not afford the payment each year, it does not matter. Taxes and upkeep are to come before food or medicine etc. After I confronted him about the fact that it was totally worthless, Sean Monticello conceeded that there was no help, or buy back assistance and that there is many on the internet for free, but there was still value to the ownership. After 2 1/2 hours of high pressure sales pitches I had to threaten violence to end the sales meeting. I don’t know how this could be legal, other than they must have a good lobby to buy politicians. I plan to put together a group of like minded people and picket every location for this company startingn in May of 2018. Until then I will sign up volunteers, print signs and flyers, get permits for our demonstrations where needed etc. If you would like to participate my name is Tim C call me at 864-(((REDACTED)))

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