Home Care Rehab Services

Home Care Rehab Services Review

Home Care Rehab Services is one of the worst physical therapy vendors in the state of Texas! These people are all about bilking the system and sending out fraudulent invoices to companies they work with! They will sign up as a provider for as many Home Health companies as possible, though they do not have the staff or finances to cover them. | After that, Home Care Rehab will send out fraudulent invoices that say they provided services, when their staff never even visted the homes of patients!! When they do actually come out, most patients complain that the service is “subpar and rushed.” | Second, they make use of unlicensed and unqualified individuals to deliver therapy services that should be carried out by DPTs ONLY! | AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET TIED UP IN A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR THE FRAUDULENT ACTIONS OF HOME CARE REHAB! | THEY EVEN KEEP BACKUP COMPANY NAMES REGISTERED WITH THE STATE SO THEY CAN TRY AND DODGE THE HAMMER OF THE LAW WHEN IT EVENTUALLY SWINGS THEIR WAY.

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