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I am a licensed real estate agent in Boston that recently represented a buyer in the sale of a high-end luxury condo at 45 Province St. The buyer is a Chinese investor that sent his assistant here to coordinate the sale, renovation, and furnishing of the home. | After the sale renovations were requested by the client that included closing a door opening and creating a new door to the left, very minimal work for a licensed contractor. I created a profile on the home improvement site Thumbtack.com with information about the request, photos, and a description. Several recommended and licensed professional responded with quotes and a short description of the work and service they can provide. 
One of those that the client selected was Home Remodeler Group, run by Jeremiah Gagnon and Victor Cerqueira. A contract and quote was provided with work being done for the agreed upon price of $7500. In an effort to get the contractor to work quickly and professionally, the client paid in full prior to work starting. | Work began and on a good day the team worked 4 or 5 hours, starting around mid morning and taking off just after lunch time. Many times the client would check in to the progress and the workers were nowhere to be found. Several days of this went by and when the client questioned Jeremiah, he responded with an unacceptable excuse that one worker was at the hospital with his wife and the other could only see his kids that day, so that is why they were not there. | Both the client and I tolerated this, while staying stern with the contractor, in an effort to complete the renovations for the high-end client. Unknown to me, Jeremiah texted the client directly (who does not comprehend English very well) and requested an additional $2500, in a check made out to him personally. | The client delivered a check to the contractor the next morning, now bringing the total to $9,500 for the work- an incredibly high amount to close a cased opening and created a new door. | The following day a painter was in the unit painting baseboard, but there was still work to be completed including the installation of door hardware and reinstalling the hardwood flooring that was removed. The painter was the last person that anyone saw in the unit and the contractor has been unresponsive to emails, phone calls, and text messages both from myself and the client for nearly 2 weeks. | When logging back into the website Thumbtack.com with my client to leave feedback on our experience, Jeremiah and Home Remodeler Group deleted their profile with all of their reviews and history, in an effort to avoid negative feedback- which is the next logical step after misleading a foreign client and making out with a pocket full of cash. |

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