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HomeTeam Pest Defense Review

I hate HomeTeam Pest Defense, Inc. of Florida. | It is my opinion, that they sell the worst termite protection service possible. | Their Sentricon system failed to protect my home from termites, and then they have refused responsibility for the damages. | I paid HomeTeam to protect my home from termites for 5 years. | I paid HomeTeam for a $1 million dollar warranty to pay for termite damage should it occur. | I believe they have acted in a dishonest manner, which has led me to sue them for breach of contract in Seminole County. The trial date is set. This should be fun. As Stewie would say, “Victory is mine!”. | Furthermore; I believe the local Longwood branch of HomeTeam is implementing corporate wide policies which rest upon weaseling out of responsibility by contract abuse. I am hopeful that a class-action suit will materialize from my sad experience with HomeTeam. | The HomeTeam Longwood staff was rude, disrespectful and condescending during my efforts to claim termite damages. I believe they were negligent in stopping the termites before damages became extensive. This has led me to file a Request for Investigation with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. | I’d love to hear from former customers or employees with knowledge of similar disputes with Hometeam.

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