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Hooman Keshtkar is a con artist who sold me a BMW with fake lien papers. DO NOT trust or do business with this man. He is currently wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department and there is a warrant for his arrest issued by me. On July 16th, 2015, I met a guy named Henry (Hooman) in a parking lot of an apartment complex in Irvine to show me his 2004 BMW 325i which he advertised on Craigslist. He told me his name was Henry, and he gave me the keys to test drive his BMW. When I returned, we agreed on a selling price of $4300 which I presented to him in cash. When I asked for the title, he stated that he didn’t have it and presented me lien papers thay were notarized from a local notary. At first I was reluctant to complete the transaction, but he assured me that I wouldn’t have a problem registering the vehicle. I asked for a copy of his drivers license, and he let me photograph it for my reassurance. | So with the notarized lien papers from the dealership whom he said he purchased the car from- Autobank Car Wholesale Mart in Los Angeles, and a copy of his driver’s license, I purchased his vehicle. | Fast forward one week later when I went to the DMV to register the car in my name. I was told from the DMV agent that I needed additional paperwork i.e., bill of sale from the dealership, statement of facts from dealership stating that I would handle the DMV paperwork myself, etc.. When I called the dealership to try to obtain these additional documents, the owner informed me that the lien paers were fake and that they had reported the BMW as STOLEN. The owner gave me the LAPD detective’s number who was working on the case (Detective Archie 310-444-1571), and I called him to verify if this was true. Sure enough, Hooman did in fact FAKE the lien papers just to pocket my $4300 that I paid him!!! When I tried to call Hooman back to confront him, he had disconnected his phone 714-342-7749. I WAS OUT $4300 CASH. I am currently working with Detective Archie of the Los Angeles Police Department to capture this scam artist Hooman Keshtkar. If anyone has any info or a number that they could forward me, I will offer them a $500 REWARD. Please reply via this post to contact me or call Detective Archie directly at 310-444-1571. Again, I am offering a $500 REWARD for any info leading to the arrest of Hooman Keshtkar. Here is his Facebook profile: facebook.com/hooman.keshtkar I am also ataching his drivers license to this posting. PLEASE, contact me with any info you may have on Hooman Keshtkar. This guy BELONGS IN PRISON!!

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