Hot Mix Asphalt Paving James and Martin McDonald

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving James and Martin McDonald Review

HotMix Asphalt Paving improperly installed the incorrectly installed 57,000 Sq. Ft of blacktop asphalt, 1 week after the installation the parking lot started crumbling and has deteriorated to a point of being unsafe for our employees and customers. The contract called for the aspkalt installation to be 2″ density and it was discovered that in some places the density was actually 1″. | Contacted James and Martin McDonald two months ago regarding the condition of our parking lot and was told that they would come out to take a look, upon arrival Martin took a look at the parking lot and said that they would do the repairs as soonas the weather improved, after several call they sent out a crew to grade and compact the many areas until the weather improved, which was more than a month ago. | Martin stated that we had a warrant y and that he would take care of it, we have attempted to contact them several times viia phone and email during the past two weeks with no response. | Have informed them via email that we will seek legal remedies to resolve the issues. | This is the worst asphalt paving job that I have ever seen, they are a disgrace to reputable asphalt installers. | Unfortunately we paid them a subsantial amount to perform the work for us with absolutely poor results, I would not recommend them for any work, I find them to be unprofessional and dishonest. | Our parking is a mess and it appears that they have gone into hiding and that we will have to seek legall remedies to resolve this matter. | Michael L.

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