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I am writing to complain about the HOYTS Cinema gift card system. I feel strongly that these cards take advantage of children and the Elderly. | Regarding HOYTS GIFT CARDs My son was given a $100.00 HOYTS gift card from his grandmother on which NO EXPIRY DATE was printed. Yet when he tried to redeem the gift card he was told that the card had expired. The card to which the gift card is attached says that the gift card has no value until activated. Yet if one leaves activation of the card longer than an unspecified date, the non-existent value vanishes. Why haven’t our politicians outlawed this ripoff long ago? Money doesn’t expire. Why are companies able to get away with converting money into a form that does? This HOYTS Gift card was purchased by my 83 year old Mother and for My Son who is 12. I feel the elderly and children are being taken advantage of by these large corporate companies with these kind of gift cards. These companies are protected by their terms and conditions. However, can their terms and conditions be regulated fairly? How can funds simply disappear through a tricky and vague expiry system that is obviously not apparent to the elderly and children.

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