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I got a free trial in January 2018 spoke to someone over chat to cancel my account after free trial, I got a email 2-3 weeks later with a offer saying if I came back I will get another free trial so I did and It is not March 2018 after my 2nd free trial I was going to cancel once again but before I confirmed the cancellation Hulu offered me another 2 weeks free, Nothing beats free so I took it. I checked my bank account yesterday and seen that they charged me for February and March of 2018. They refuse to admit that they have flaws in the program that they use. So I didnt get my refund or 2 weeks free but a very long aggravated conversation with hulu and decided to cancel and never go back, I highly recommend Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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  1. Paris Burgie
    June 16, 2020

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