Report Filed: Humble BundleHumbleBundleHBSteam credit card fraud, employee theft, falsifying records San Francisco Internet!!

Humble Bundle. A great company that gets: Software, Applications, Games. Phone applications and even book writers to contributes their works into monthly packages where they send a % of the contributions to real organizations to help the comunity, a company who I really hate having to write this article about because they have done so much good, but sadly at the same time unfortunatley, due to one person who works for them, is not just hurthing the company itself, thier hurting the people who support them as well. Even though they claim they are not part of Steam Games, a lot of what they do seems to be incorporated with them, and merged into a whole. Even Stripe who processes their transactions seems to be part of this huge theft issue within their company. Wednesday 10-25-2017 I will be meeting up with the Sanfrancisco PD, then the local prosicuter for that county if there is enough time left. I had thought origionally that the issues I have been having with Humble Bundle the past few weeks were just stupid civil matter issues, which many of you most likely have heard in the past when you had to get an officer involved. That famouse frase “It’s a civil matter

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