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I have a Medical Card issued by my state to buy medical marijuana. However, all dispensaries in NJ do not carry the marijuana strain I need. I went online and found this store that says 100% guaranteed and legitimate. No company name was given just the website “” I called and spoke to 2 people Dillon and Pamela(online chat). They assured me that they carry the Indica strain I am looking for and was quoted the price. For 2 oz. the quote was $500. yesterday. This morning when I was confirming it, I was told it went up to $600. When I questioned why $100.more in 1 day – the rudely told me this: “don’t call us anymore, we don’t want to talk to you. | I was beginning to get suspicious that they are running an illegitimate business because they have on their website that they have stores in LA, California; Denver, Colorado; and Seattle, Washington and yet, when I asked where to remit payment they said in Scotland, Virginia. Again, I questioned this and they said that is where the manager lives. They must not have encountered a customer that questions them like me and felt I should not be trusted.

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