Hunt County Detention Center

Hunt County Detention Center Review

Hunt county has given my wife shots of morphine while being pregnant due to her leukemia. She is literally dieing behind bars on charges for resisting for taking 3 steps from a man that never identified him self as a Hunt county sheriff and then told her she really f*cked up trying to run and he was going to see that she was going to pay dearly. | Now she’s facing 1 year for the bullsh*t charge. That’s my soulmate my wife the mother that’s carrying our first child and she been in there for a month and hasn’t seen any paperwork and then all the sudden they change judges over night. What’s going on? She had a seizure 4 days ago and never got to go to the hospital and they covered it up cause someone wasn’t doing there job. | She calls me everyday crying telling me she’s dieing in pain but gets ignored cause of what sh**ty Americans that don’t wanna work when at work it makes me cry everyday on the fact they play head games with inmate’s due to lack of knowing their rights how do you give morphine shots to a pregnant lady then. Ignore her after you realize y’all made a mistake please America someone help me get her out before it to late and she dies I hunt county jail Greenville Texas 75401

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