I.W.M. Builders & Consultants, LLC.

I.W.M. Builders & Consultants, LLC. Review

I had did a job for Ira Blaine, Ira had paid me a partial payment once I was 90 percent completed. Ira Blaine will not pay me now and kept telling me to wait. Ira then started to ignore my phone cals and tx messages so I started to get annoyed and txed him saying I needed my money and still no responce. Finally I would get Ira on the phone then he tells me he doesnt want to pay me because now Im demanding my money I guess shame on me! Im a small business owner with a wife 4 year old and 2 year old single income house hold. Ira Blaine owes me $1595 thats alot of money for someone in my position. I have taken other actions and submitted the proper paperwork so hopefully I get paid but the truth of the matter its a loss at this point. after doing some homework on Ira this is a very common thing that he does.

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